Kahala Records is an Artist led, independent, full service record label based in Hawaii. Beginning in 2007, co-founders Leslie Ludiazo and JP Kennedy have recorded music together, experimenting with different sounds and styles working to find their place within the music industry both in Hawaii and abroad. Both Leslie who is the Musical Director and drummer for Grammy nominated reggae artist J-Boog and JP, lead guitar and vocalist for the Green Band provide significant industry knowledge and relationships to help others learn from their first hand experiences as recoding artists themselves. After assembling a quality team of music makers, songwriters and industry veterans, Kahala Records is committed to working with musical talent from around the world to consistently release new material in a diverse mix of genres and platforms. We aspire to reveal the talents of artists and to help them showcase and distribute their music in ways they never imagined possible. In 2019, Kahala Records will announce the release of its debut artist, Likkle Jordee who willl be the first of many to call Kahala Records home as we are committed to becoming the new modern label constantly pushing the envelope to create new and non-traditional was of sharing our music with the world.

Stay tuned for more from Kahala Records.